Ali Ahmed Abdullah

One of the most difficult feelings that a person may experience is living homeless in his country, displaced between its walls, trying to trace the safety trail between its sides.

A very difficult feeling, as the homeland is usually a warm embrace and a vessel for reunion, and the source of a sincere feeling of safety and belonging. But when Peacefulness, calm and tranquility is confiscated from a homeland due to the intrigues of treachery, this grieving nation becomes unable to provide the feelings expected for its members because of the harm it suffered.

This is the case of the Yemeni citizen Ali Ahmed Abdullah with his homeland, whose security was robbed by mines. Ali Ahmed found himself forced to live inside the walls of his homeland, displaced in search of a safe place for himself and his family.

This is not the case of Ali Ahmed only, but also many Yemenis who were affected by what happened to Ali, who was driven by the spread of mines in his hometown to flee, leaving his home and his land, to live in tents, traveling between paths in search of a place to live in peace with his family.

After a long wait in displacement, Ahmed could not continue, as he could not expel his unbridled desire to return to his home, his neighborhood, his land and his family, because his belonging to that place overcame his fear of mines horror scenarios that appear in the minds of every Yemeni.

Finally, Ali Ahmed resolved to return to his village, suppressing his fears, linking his wounds, and persevering his concerns about explosive death traps, which did not really hesitate to kill Ali and those with him in a dramatic scene, however the latter tried to expel those features from his imagination hoping to return to his hometown in peace.

A perfidious mine left Ali Ahmed disappointed on the outskirts of his village, as it killed those who accompanied him and Ali Ahmed lost one of his feet in a heartbreaking dramatic scene, which he had always worked hard to expel its features from his imagination, until he saw it in reality in front of him.

Despite this tragic reality, Ali Ahmed stuck to his dream about returning for his home and village more when he learned that it had been secured by Project Masam for clearing mines.

This treacherous mine did not succeed in conquering the joy of Ali Ahmed as he returned to his village in which he grew up and insisted on continuing his life journey, with an amputated leg but with a strong will because life from Ali Ahmed’s perspective deserves sacrifice until the last breath.