Nazmi Musleh

Nazmi Musleh, a local resident from the Karsh district in Yemen’s southern power keg Lahj Province has described life amongst Houthi landmines.

Since the break out of the war, the Karsh frontline has been the scene of intense fighting between the Yemeni government forces and Houthi-backed militias. According to Project Masam, Houthis have used landmines in their retreat from various frontlines, including in the Karsh district, since at least 2015.

“I live in a village called Kahlan, near the Al-Bakr Mountains, where large quantities of landmines have been planted in the valley’s entrances and roads. Landmine explosions have caused damage to civilians, sheep, camels, as well as farmers. One of the mines was swept away due to the torrential rains, and Project Masam teams were called to comb the minefields in the Al-Bakr Mountains and the valley’s entrances along with other places where the landmines were randomly planted,” Musleh told Masam in his village.